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    What's New at Dunbar's

    Introducing our new expandable, poly blowpipe.
    Dunbar's Expandable Blowpipe
    The picture above shows the blowpipes fully extend which gives them a length of 12 inches (from the bottom of the mount).

    With the blowpipe fully collpsed (picture on the left), it measures a total length of 9 inches.

    This range should be suitable for most pipers but if you need something shorter or longer, we can make these up for you as well.
    You can purchase these seperately here or add them as upgrades on any new set of Dunbar bagpipes.

    Hand Engraving on Dunbar's Imitation Ivory and Aluminum

    Up till now, we here at Dunbar's have offered machine (CNC) engraving on all of our metal and imitation ivory mounts. Although this engraving does look reasonably nice and is relatively inexpensive, we have decided to stop offering it on our aluminum alloy and imitation ivory and have decided to go with hand engraving. We feel that hand engraving is a far superior look and does not cost much more than CNC.

    With the help of Master Engraver David Davidse of Truehand Engraving, we have come up with 5 distinct patterns to offer on our mounts. These will be Celtic, Zoomorphic, Thistle, Victorian and a Firefighter pattern. The imitation ivory will only be available with our Level 1 patterns (somewhat simplier) where as our alumiunum alloy will be available in Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3 (the same that is offered on silver mounts). The different levels refer to the amount of detail in the engraving.

    Even though there is additional costs to us for hand engraving, we are not raising pricing for any of the Level 1 patterns when compared to the machine engraved.font>

    African Blackwood Blowpipes & Blowpipe Stocks With Poly Lining

    Due to the excessive moisture that both the blowpipe and blowpipe stock are subject to (and the cracking that could result), several years ago we made a decision to supply all of our African Blackwood bagpipes with poly (Delrin plastic) blowpipes & blowpipe stocks. We have now modified that decision and have decided to supply all of our Blackwood pipes with poly lined African Blackwood blowpipes & blowpipe stocks. This poly lining helps to keep the moisture away from the wood which should help prevent cracking.

    Introducing our New "Classic"Bagpipe

    Some people may recognize these pipes as Bowen Classics. We have been making these pipes for many years for Ron Bowen but now, with his permission, we have started to offer them to our customers under the name Dunbar "Classic".

    These bagpipes have our standard Dunbar bores but the outside profile is quite different. The profile is of an Edinburgh style, closely resembling old Glen bagpipes. Very sleek and much thinner than standard Dunbar's.

    The pictures above show a set with upgraded cocobolo projecting mounts which are cut bead.

    A Just Completed Set of Classics Made From Cocobolo

    These bagpipes are available in either Poly,  or Blackwood with various options for the

    ferrules, rings & projecting mounts.

    Click here for more info and pricing

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