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    Beginner's Packages

    Beginner's Packages
    Beginner's Packages

    The most common question that we get asked is:
    My son, daughter (or whomever) wants to learn to play the bagpipes. How much is a set of bagpipes?
    Looking for a set of bagpipes to start out on is absolutley the wrong approach. To learn to play the bagpipes, you start out on what is called a practice chanter. This is a flute like insturment that teaches fingering and timing. Most people are on the practice chanter only for 8 - 12 months before they need to look at buying a full set of bagpipes.
    One big advantage in this approach is that you are not paying out a lot of money for a set of pipes & then finding out that the person is not interested. Practice chanters and our beginner's packages are relatively inexpensive and the learner will have a good idea if playing the pipes is something they would like to pursue.

    Our beginner's packages have everything needed to get started. They include a practice chanter (various models available) with a reed, a tutor book  which starts out at the very beginning.  Everything you need to get started.

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