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    "The Breadalbane"

    “The Breadalbane” Duncan MacDougall Reproduction
    This Jim McGillivray / Dunbar Bagpipes instrument is a reproduction of a bagpipe made by Duncan MacDougall around 1880. The name comes from the stamp he used on his pipes during the time he lived on the Breadalbane estate at Taymouth Castle during the 1870s and early 1880s. Pipes he made at this time were stamped "D McDougall, Breadalbane.” (The name is pronounced Breh-DALL-bin)
    Jim McGillivray acquired the bagpipe from a well known Scottish piping figure, the late Allan Beaton, a native of the Isle of Skye. Allan had actually purchased it from the Taymouth Castle estate where it had resided for as long as anyone can remember. Jim was so impressed with the tonal qualities and appearance of the pipes that he approached Dunbar Bagpipes in 2012 about creating a reproduction.
    Like the original, the tone is rich and subtle -- neither booming like a Henderson pipe nor subdued like David Glen's. The classic, enveloping Duncan MacDougall bass drone sound has been captured beautifully.
    Duncan MacDougall was the leading figure in a family whose pipemaking tradition stretched from the late 1700s up until the death of Duncan’s son Gavin in 1911. The family’s pipes have acquired a reputation for quality and magical tone up to this day. Duncan made pipes from 1858 until his passing in 1898 and is generally regarded as one of the best pipemakers in the history of the instrument.

    The Breadalbane is offered in a variety of configuations, including full holly and full artifical ivory, though the mix of holly projecting mounts and hand-engraved aluminum ferrules and caps best adheres to the original design.


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