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    DB5 - Plain Silver Mounted Bagpipe

    - fully beaded and combed
    - projecting mounts are imitation ivory (a speciality made Delrin product) and are threaded into place. Other materials are available (see options)
    - 1/2 set (9 ferrules, 4 tuning slides, 3 ring caps and mouthpiece tube) of plain silver 
    - blackwood hemp stops installed after the silver tuning slides are installed
    - blackwood blowpipe and blowpipe stock are Poly lined to prevent cracking
    - blackwood pipe chanter


    Projecting Mount - click HERE to see your projecting mount options

    What length (in inches) would you like for your blowpipe? We normally measure from the bottom of the projecting mount to the tip of the mouthpiece.

    If you do not know what length you require, please let us know the height of the piper. This will allow us to get a general idea for the length.

    Mouthpiece - A plain (un-engraved) silver mouthpiece tube is included in the price of the pipes. Please select below if you would like to upgrade to a full silver bulb mouthpiece
    Pipe Chanter Sole - Your DB5 bagpipe comes with a Blackwood pipe chanter with no added sole. If you would like a sole installed, please choose from the options below.
    Base Price: CAD$4072.00
    Selected Options: CAD$0.00
    Total Price: CAD$4072.00
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