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"Classic" Blackwood Bagpipe

Dunbar's "Classic" Blackwood Bagpipe

This is the newest offering from Dunbar Bagpipes. Base pricing shown is for plain imitation ivory ferrules & rings with upgrades available.

Any African Blackwood orders shipping to addresses outside of Canada must have a CITES permit with it. Please click here for more details

What length (in inches) would you like for your blowpipe? We normally measure from the bottom of the projecting mount to the tip of the mouthpiece.

If you do not know what length you require, please let us know the height of the piper. This will allow us to get a general idea for the length.

Ferrules - Ferrules
Rings & Bushings - Rings & Bushings
Projecting Mounts - Mounts
Blowpipe - Blowpipe
Metal Tuning Slides - Plain & Engraved Metal Tuning Slides
Pipe Chanter - Pipe Chanter
Pipe Chanter Reed - Pipe chanter reed options
Drone Reeds - Drone reed options
Silk Drone Cords - Silk drone cords options
Bag Cover - Bag cover colour options
Pipe Bag - Choose a pipe bag. When you order an optional bag with your new pipes, it will be tied in and leak checked.
Base Price: CAD$1800.00
Selected Options: CAD$0.00
Total Price: CAD$1800.00
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