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Practice Chanter Water Trap

PC Water Trap

CAD$10.00 / Each
This trap was designed to fit all Dunbar long (including Millennium)
practice chanters but unfortunately will not fit into our regular length
chanter. For everyday use, reverse blow through the top section to empty the
trap. The moisture will come out through the mouthpiece. For periodic cleaning,
you will need to find something smaller in diameter than the 5/32" bore through
the mouthpiece and at least 9" long (we use a piece of 1/8" drill rod, but a
straightened out coat hanger will work as well). Push this rod down through the
mouthpiece and with some pressure; slide the trap out of the top section. Clean
with soap and water and re-install. Make sure that the beveled end goes in first
("O"ring goes in last). Very Important - make sure that you slide the trap up
into the top section as far as it will go. If it is not seated properly, it will
interfere with and damage your reed.
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