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Deluxe Blackwood Practice Chanter

Comes with a Poly top section with the option to upgrade to a Poly lined African Blackwood top.

Any African Blackwood orders shipping to addresses outside of Canada must have a CITES permit with it. Please click here for more details

Practice Chanter Reed - A Piper's Choice "Q" practice chanter reed is included in the price. For additional options, select below.
Top Section - pick which top you would like on your Blackwood practice chanter
Top Section Ferrule - Available in plain or hand engraved imitation ivory or aluminum
Bottom Section Sole - Available in plain or hand engraved imitation ivory or aluminum
Base Price: CAD$250.00
Selected Options: CAD$0.00
Total Price: CAD$250.00

- comes with a poly top section

- Optional is an innovative Poly sleeved African Blackwood top section. Most blackwood practice chanter top section tend to crack due to excess moisture in that area. We have designed a top that eliminates this cracking problem by sleeving the wood with Delrin. The mouthpiece threads directly into the sleeve which eliminates any chance of moisture coming into contact with the wood. Basically, it is a Poly practice chanter top fitted inside a Blackwood top.

- includes a removeable water trap which keeps excessive moisture away from your reed

- ferrules for the top section and soles for the bottom section are avaiable in threaded imitation ivory or aluminum or unthreaded silver

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